Paying great attention to the development of Higher Law Education and preparation of Lawyer Cadres observed during 1960-70s. It was a display of the value to the improvement of the faculty of law in the level of union government and republic leadership. The jointly decision of Sov.ECP CC and Soviet of Ministers of USSR about «measurements of developing law education in the country» dated June 16, 1964 had stimulated the activity of the faculty of law of the Universities on USSR and opened new perspectives in the process of developing Higher Law education in the country. The decision lay down as a basic duty to develop Law sciences and the study of Law subjects in the country. The gap and failure in the sphere of Law Education showen in the document and the negligent of the situation was criticized in most problems.
The implementation of that decision has immediately begun. The united decision of the Higher Education Ministry of USSR dated on August 26, 1964 and Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party and Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR dated on October 2, 1964 defined the provisions of united decision of CC Sov.ECP and Soviet of Ministers of USSR on “the measures of developing the law education better in the country” dated on June 16, 1964.  The factors that caused the anxiety of the Union Government consisted of that «at the last years the number of high educated lawyer graduates were dicreased, at the same time the number of the graduates of full time department were dicreased more than twice».
There was enough reason for the anxiety of the government. So, at the end of 1950s – in the beginning of 1960s there was a stagnation in the field of preparing lawyer cadres that was a problem arising from negligence of the planning. The cadre planning doesn’t keep up with the speed of social development so, lack of the cadre arose. It means that the necessity of lawyer cadres in the country prevailed appropriate demand.
The situation was as like in whole USSR and Azerbaijan wasn’t outside this process. It is enough to look a fact closed with it that the amount of lawyer graduation in our republic during 8 years – 1956-1964 decreased more than five times comparing with the years of 1951- 1956. Nevertheless, the society has developed these years and the need of lawyer cadres increased very quickly at parties, soviet and academic bodies.
The united decision of CC of Sov.ECP and Soviet of Ministers of USSR on «measures of developing law education in the country» dated on June 16, 1964 reflected more progressive inclination as using the cadres more widely at state administration. But during the sway N.S. Khrushov who was away from science and education, a primitive and simple knowledged man the situation was very miserable. Especially at the machinery of local soviets and at the most various fields of national economy professional lawyers were very few. The fact showed about it at the decision of CC of Azerbaijan Communist Party and Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR dated on October 2, 1964 got really great amazement. In the decision stated that no eno of the 57 secretary of Executive Committee of district and city soviets which the preparation of legal acts was included to their duties had law education. There was also noted that «all these gaps are existing in Azerbaijan as well as, in the activity of the law faculty of ASU».
But indeed this provision was subjective and didn’t reflect the truth. It’s necessary to take into account that the preparation of cadres wasn’t planned at the university as well as, at the law faculty and it was defined by the upper directive organs. At that time the university wasn’t as independent to plan student’s admittance. It was the problem including the authorities of appropriate state bodies of the Ministry of Higher Education of USSR, State Plan Committee of USSR and our republic about how many students will be accepted to Azerbaijan State University as well as its law faculty, how the qualified cadres will be replaced every year. The University and its faculties wasn’t engaged in such problems, in fact, they didn’t have such right.
Although the university and its law faculty was criticized unfairly at the aforementioned decisions because of the insufficiency of lawyer cadres. It’s true that they had also «fault partner». For example, at the united decision of CC of Azerbaijan Communist Party and the Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR dated on October 2, 1964 stated that «there wasn’t enough connection of lawyers on practice in our Republic, but the practical workers took a week part at the work of the law faculty. The institution, ministry and the managers of general office didn’t offer necessary facility to focus the gathered experience from scientific point; the departments of the law faculty didn’t assist the practical workers».
The upper directive bodies noted the great nead of improving education process in the law faculty, drawing the education nearer to the practice, as well as, the necessity of bringing a fundamental change in the work of preparing doctor and candidate of sciences and expediting the works in this field. The Higher education Committee of the Republic demanded to do some pressing and operative measures from the management of the university in its order dated on December 26, 1964 according to the mentioned documents and instructions of the upper directive bodies. It is demanded from the rector of ASU SH. Mehdiyev and the vice-rector A. Alakbarov in the administrative spirit to carry out measures plan of the university and the faculty management.
But even it wasn’t clear to the committee that what these measures consisted of and it was seen clearly. So, concretely nothing was offered at that document. Comparatively the sole offer was that to increase the student acceptance to the law faculty of the university from 1965, but in future to develop night and corresponding law education.
All these directive documents and the claims and offeres mentioned there were discussed and the position of all the departments of the faculty about them at he academic council of the university and the faculty. Notwithstanding its subjectivity, executive spirit and faults, the implementation of those decisions arose certain reviving in the work of the law faculty.
The effect of these documents was noticed at all the activity of the law faculty during 1960s. These years are «second breath» period. So, during 1960s the faculty grew a lot, its professor and the teacher personnel and student contingent ranks, the profile of the academical investigation of the workers of the faculty expanded, the academical and practical importance of these works appeared more salient and so on.
The entrance M.Khalafov, great scientist and organizer that leaded to the law faculty for 18 years made positive effect to the working atmosphere of the faculty. At that time the quantity fact appeared at education and academical investigation works, as well as, the works on scientifical – pedagogical direction speeded up. At 1960s only during some years 3 teachers of the law faculty defended Doctor’s degree, seven of them defended Ph.D. theses. Only in 1968 it is important to take into account as the fact that the defence of six Ph.D. theses in specialized Academic Council about the character of scientific creative atmosphere.
It is necessary to state that all the subject of the Ph.D. theses and doctor’s degree prepared and defended by the associates of the faculty were very pressing. Assistant professor A.Milman defended his doctor’s degree in 1965 at the topic of «The political structure of Azerbaijan in XIX century and in the beginning of XX century», ass. prof. J.Movsumov defended his doctor’s degree in1966 at the topic of «The process of Court and criminal in Azerbaijan SSR in 1917-1937», ass. prof. M.Alasgarov defended his doctor’s degree in 1968 at the topic of «International legal relations of USSR with young independent countries of Asia and Europe».
The topics of the Ph.D. theses were choosen with its originality and pressing. Between them the the scientific importance of the theses of H.Madatov at the topic of «The role of justice in the fight with the remains of capitalism on civil works in the consciousness of people», T.Gafarov at the tpic of «Fight against hooliganism on criminal legislation of Azerbaijan SSR», K.Sarıjalinskaya at the topic of «criminal examination of the letter in investigation and court practice of Azerbaija n SSR», Kh.Suleymanov at the topic of «the features of the Criminal – processual Code of Azerbaijan SSR being in force and some problems of improving it», F.Mammadov at the topic of «legally ordering the rest time on Soviet labour right», Y.Abdullayev at the topic of «creation of republic state structure in Turkey and making it official by legislation», S.Zulalova at the topic of «the functions of guidance personnel of Supreme Courts on criminal case» were great .
A new period of ASU and its faculties, generally in the development of all Azerbaijan nation began in 1969. The election of the national leader of Azerbaijan people, great state man and personality Haydar Aliyev as the first secretary of CC of Azerbaijan SSr CP on July 14, 1969 was the beginning of fundamental change and restoration in the social economical, social – cultural, academic, education life of our Republic. When this great person who was the graduate of the History faculty of the university began to manage Azerbaijan Republic everything began to change goodness. This innovation and amendments was showen in education, science, national culture, art and literature, and everything that improved national and social opinion.
Haydar Aliyev was great friend and protector of culture, science and education. After he began to manage the republic the positive inclinations in all fields of social life began to observe, the relations in all spheres became strong and got dynamic working character. Having creative and development inclination personality Haydar Aliyev was principal and decisive in fight with old, lag working methods, distortion and faults.
There were fundamental changes in the education sphere while Haydar Aiyev began to manage the republic. It can be seen at the instance of BSU, one of the great and esteemed educational institution of Azerbaijan republic. We spoke about it in the above capture and now we’ll touch to progressive amendments in law faculty especially, in all law education fields in 1970s.

When Haydar Aliyev began to manage Azerbaijan republic one of the measures that he carried out was about strengthening done works in the field of fighting against economic criminality, corruption and bribery. Haydar Aliyev was very decisive in this problem. This important personality being the author of the slogan «Let justice conquer!» took special importance to the development of all strategic fields in our republic.
Education maight be stood at the first place in this rank. As well as, the problem of higher education was one of the most important fields for Haydar Aliyev. It has some strict reasons that were connected with each other. First, being the first person of the republic Haydar Aliyev was more interested to improve legality in the republic and supplied the implementation by preparing some complex measures plan. But that was depended on the selection of lawyer cadres, their quality, knowledge and training level as a specialist. It is sufficient to remember the fundamental amendments of cadres carried out in court, procuratory, internal affairs organs, steps on the purpose of against economy criminality, sanitaring the collaborators of law – protection organs from moral point, removing of those who isn’t suitable to carry the name of law protector in 1970s.
Second, as we mentioned above, Haydar Aliyev approached attentively to such higher education center. And the faculty of law got special share from this care.
Third, Haydar Aliyev was a fair person having wide outlook, complex knowledge system and deep mentality, and he understood that the government was established on law but the society was established on protecting the rights of citizens, supplying basic rights and freedom of human. All of these showed that he always showed great care and attendance to the education of law.
From this point of view nothing accidental that, after Haydar Aliyev began to rule the republic the development of the law science and the lawyer profession began very popular. It is true that the law faculty has always been one of the most authoritative and leader faculties of the university. But it is necessary to emphasize one point that during the times when Haydar Aliyevruled the republic the influence of the law faculty was in the top period.
That was not causeless. So, achieving to enter to the law faculty, earning the name of student of the law faculty had turned inaccessible problem of the majority of the young who wanted to get higher education. What need to conceal?! Law faculty has been the faculty of the soviet-party elite of the "privileged classes" during definite time. The children of the officials of high official party and soviet, collaborators of organs of law- protection and state was studying here mostly, opportunities of entering to this faculty was limited for the children of villager family, middle intellectual layer. The competition to the faculty was very big. That was sometimes being such that 45-50 applications were given for one place. But children from single and middle rich families were wanted to bring honour certificate of Comsomol, references, guaranty, length of service, good description and etc such bureaucracy to accept them to this faculty. At that time, everybody couldn’t reach to such guaranties, description and notifications. But it was very easy to get these documents for the representatives of soviet-party elite for their children. Let’s hold as a result that sometimes 15-18 persons of 25 students were illiterate which didn’t deserve to carry the name of the student of the law faculty.

The basic accused all of these naturally, was not university or law faculty and it could not be. It is necessary always to take into account that everything was solved by the party organs, upper directive organs on the basis of independence and administrative-command rules in the soviet period. The problem was not didn’t finish only by law faculty. The same situation had arisen in Medical Institute and Institute of National Economy at that time.
Heydar Aliyev put an end first of all to this ignominous situation when he began to lead Azerbaijan Republic. Fundamental change in the problem of acceptance to higher schools was created in the republic since 1970. At the same year administration a few higher schools, as well as, university administration was changed and Faig Baghirzadeh was appointed as a rector of ASU. The efforts of Haydar Aliyev who wanted to uproot the intention of the dents in this area the law faculty again opened for the students not depending on their social situation. Law faculty began to gain respect and prestige again, or to be more true to restore previous reputation and influence.
As we mentioned, Haydar Aliyev was great personality having wide and great mentality. the words of this great personality «the state can be shaken from two things – sinner remains without punishment and innocent gets punishment» was the product of this great mentality.
At the first years when Haydar Aliyev began to lead the republic new stage began in the legal thought manner, legal mentality, legal culture of the society and it turns out that in the of development of jurisprudence. All these works are implemented in the level of republic administration, corresponding organs as well as, law faculty was involved for taking part in these works actively. Decision of CC of Azerbaijan CP “about measures of improving the legal upbringing of the hard-workers” dated on December 4, 1970 prepared and accepted with authorship and efforts of Heydar Aliyev's initiative and idea. The demand of improving the work of teaching and learning in of the bases of the law in secondary and higher schools, strengthening propagate of law knowledge with educational institutions, protecting of the state property plan of actions being directed to the teaching and explanation of the most urgent problems of the legislation to young generation in the area of holding of the measures was put forward.
Apparently from maintenance spirit, this decision accepted by the initiative of Haydar Aliyev was clever and strong resistance against social disformity, bitter social - moral reality of that period, against other typical appearance and voluntarism of Soviet – party elite, legal nihilism and administrative-command system. Those times there was a great contrary of this decision in all republic, complex measures had been prepared and implemented in the purpose of carrying out its provisions.
The collective of the law faculty of the university was in in the front row these works. Activity of the law faculty with the creation of the law department in the school of two years young lecturers organized in the university still in 1968 expanded a little in 1972. The collective of the law faculty implemented work about law department. They began to spend monthly of legal knowledge with propaganda characteristic in order to provide spreading legal knowledge between the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan SSR and Komsomol organs since 1973. The collective of professor and teachers and students of the law faculty of the university took active part in these measures at that times, they gave their gifts with the help of the lectures, speeches to the propaganda of the legal knowledge. The collective of the law faculty had begun to collaborate in the direction of protecting and becoming stronger of public tranquility with law – protection organs at that time. Lawyer's Office working by social bases with the help of the law faculty opened in the university in 1973. The law office continued its activities on the basis of activity of the collaborators of the chairs of civil law and criminal law.
Young lawyer of the university began sending on an assignment to regions and cities of the republic in order to spread the legal knowledge of the lectures of teachers – lecturer and reading the lectures for the purpose of propaganda in 1970s. Initiative of the professor-teacher staff of the law faculty the University of Legal Knowledge of the Executive Committee of Baku city began its activity in 1974 and lawyer scientists had great toil here. Another purpose in organization of international law chair created in the law faculty in 1976 was to develop the processes happened in the world from academic point, to deliver to the community of the republic operative and to spread in the wider profile of the legal knowledge. Some teachers of the chair as well as, well-known specialist on right of state and constitution, professor M.Alasgarov was the leader of the transmission introducing the international round-up in the television in republic.
Transmission of constant “man and law” went out to the television screen by the efforts of the teachers of law faculty in the republic in 1977. The names of two deceased deans of the law faculty, professor İsa Mammadov and Mammadkhan Rasulov were acquaintance to the community of all country.
The constant rubrucs were created in some printing organs of the republic in 1970 by the name of «Lawyer’s Office». Their main writers and announcers were the teachers of the law faculty.
The work of propaganda of the legal knowledge continued with the active participation of the collective of law faculty in 1980. The initiative and participation of the professor – teacher collective of the Law faculty created constant total university reading-room for learning the problems of foreign policy of the USSR in 1981.
Complete majority of the persons that occupied a post in the organizations of state and government did not have a law education in 1970. Graduates of the schools of party, teachers, engineers, agronomists and other profession masters worked in organizations of state and government demanding lawyer speciality. The lawyer cadres were felt serious need in the republic. Therefore this problem was discussed in the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party by the initiative of the first secretary of the bureau of the Central Committee Heydar Aliyev. Special correspondence department on profession of soviet building was created under law faculty by the decision of the bureau of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party. Persons finishing the department of soviet building were sent to work nomenclature duties in organizations of state and government. This department acted nearly ten years. At the mentioned period nearly thousand higher educated lawyer cadres were prepared for state and government organs.
The course of “bases of the soviet law” began teaching in the law faculty of the university from 1985. The collective of the law faculty had broadened the scale of the law propaganda in this years, specific weight of the some forms of propaganda – on specific sphere of law education was increased (the university of law knowledge, law reading- room, seminar-consultations on law problems, monthly nights of subject interrogation about legality and law, Lawyer's Office, etc) propaganda had been raised lecture with the help of the. Teachers of the law faculty, at the same time besides professor G.Mamayev and assistant professor F.Samandarov, the officials in the office of Public Prosecutor, law-court and chief of the Internal Affairs Organs closely attended in these work.
In a word, works carried out in the law faculty in 1970-80s resulted with the increase of social, methodic and scientific functionality of the faculty. Faculty had considerably developed from point of quantity and quality in this years, its social influence had increased.
Getting of the success of the law faculty is the result of the strained scientific searches of a number of notable lawyers, the strained toil of the leap years. They had taken part as the scientific chiefs, advisers of the dissertational works developed by faculty teachers and the post graduate students or official opponents of these scientists. We can show the corresponding member of the SA of USSR G.A. Aksenyok, J.A.KArimov, E.A.Koronin, M.S.Strogovich, M.V.Chkhivadzeh, doctors of jurisprudence, professors S.N.Bratus, N.D.Kazantsev, S.S.Karinski, A.F.Kleyman, İ.D.Perlov, B.Z.Purskhvanidzeh, V.A.Ryasentsev, G.M.Sverdlov and other well known scientist that had expectional services in the development of jurisprudence in all the places of former soviet. They all were connected with academic activity of the law faculty of the university. The have showen great efforts in the preparation of lawyer scientists and the development of jurispendence.
The methodic and scientific activities with enough professionalism in the law faculty from the 70th years of the last century were implemented by the staff of professor - teacher elected according to level of high science. Seven Doctors of Scienceses, 32 candidates of sciences worked at the same year in the faculty. The lessons on directions of all specialities were carried out by the teachers having suitable scientific name. The law faculty of Baku State University was considered one of the most authoritative establishments of the former Soviet Union. It wasn’t accidental that Baku was considered the 3rd centre in the country scale after Moscow and Kiev preparing diplomat to foreign countries in 1970. Diplomats have been prepared in the law faculty of Baku State University in over countries from 50 of the world in 1970-80. The students from Middle East, South – East Asia, Arrabian countries, Africa, Latin America accepted to the law faculty, one part of them has defended Ph.D. theses.
Let us to note that the law faculty has done great works in preparing of the scientific cadres for other union republics. Teachers and the post graduate students of the faculty, associations of philosophy and law institute of SA of Azerbaijan, as well as, the teacher of Turkhmenistan State University B.Durdiyev, association of of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Daghistan ASSR T.T.Tahirov, public prosecutor of the region of 26 Baku Comissars of the city Tbilisi A.V.Gegiya, member of the higher supreme court of Georgia SSR N.K.Hacıyev and others had defended Ph.D. theses in the specialized scientific council acted in the faculty.
Besides, law faculty has played the role of cadre base for institute of philosophy and law of Azerbaijan SA. This work began far still in 1960s. The cadre potential of the institute of philosophy and law of Azerbaijan SA had been formed by the graduates of the faculty on the basis of philosophy division created in 1970. According to the decision of the republic government dated on December 15, 1960 scientific research laboratory of criminal law had turned into the research center on legal expertise of the law commission under Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR. But the same centre of Azerbaijan Republic carries out activity on scientific research of the Ministry of Justice as the institute of problems of legal expertise, criminal law and criminology at present. Majority of the collaborators of this institute are the graduates of the law faculty of the university.
The law faculty indeed has passed great development way. On the historical way it had passed there are many moments that will create pride sense of honour in soul of each graduate of the faculty. The jurisprudence of Azerbaijan and law faculty of the university has considerably developed in these years, considerable achievements have earned, and it has considerable developed. The 80 annual jubilees of Baku State University were marked in 1999. While looking back over these years one cannot believe that a science institution like this should change, develop and give great gifts to the development of science and education of Azerbaijan during these years.