Insufficiency of national cadre was displaying itself in all areas of the social life. Nevertheless the insufficiency of lawyer cadres showed itself more quickly. That’s why Education Commissariat gave a special attention to the problem of creating the university which taught academic law education and making lawyer cadres from the middle of 1920th years. 2nd congress held in the February, 1926 of the workers of justice organs of the republic played a great role in this problem. So, congress participants had declared the necessity of organizing of the law faculty of the university from high chair once again. In connection with this problem had been accepted a decision in the congress. It was said in the document that practice of preparing national lawyer cadres with the help of the short-term courses does not justify itself to modern demands and only forming of the faculty will be able to solve the post of workers preparing for apparatus of qualified inspectors, judge and court-prosecutor and other organs. It was clear that this problem had to solve in the frame of university, because the biggest academic-intellectual potential and pedagogical opportunities which was necessary was in the university. It is true that creating of the independent law faculty was problematic matter in those years. The reason was simple and previous. There were not necessary lawyer cadres. It turns out that conversation would be able about to create the law department in the structure of any faculty. It was necessary to create suitable faculty. But there was not any. History-philology faculty of the university was able to play the role of such base. But it was turned into faculty of social sciences in 1923, in its turn also turned to the Pedagogical Faculty in 1924. It seemed possible to use from opportunities of the faculty of oriental studies created on the basis of the oriental studies department of the history-philology faculty on July 13, 1922. Faculty of the oriental studies was only suitable type of organization for creating the law department. Upper directive organs did the same thing. To the proper instructions which was given in 1927 by Azerbaijan C(b)P Central Committee according to the decision of government staff of Azerbaijan State University and state scientific council of the Education Commissariat in 1927/28 the law faculty of the oriental studies department was opened. It was the first time preparing national lawyer cadres in the history of Azerbaijan people which could work in the  apparatus organs of the law-courts and state-administrative.