Graduate programs in English

LLM in Commercial Law

The LL. M. (Master of Laws) is an internationally recognized post-graduate degree in a specialized field of law, such as commercial law. The Commercial Law LL. M. Program at Baku State University is a unique and highly innovative program that prepares students for a career in the world of international business. Program courses examine fundamental issues affecting business and commerce in comparative and practical contexts.

Students learn not only what the law is, but how it applies to business transactions and disputes in Azerbaijan, Europe, and the United States. Additionally, students develop sophisticated analytical skills, strong legal writing abilities, fluent legal English, experience with the techniques of alternative dispute resolution, and readiness for working in international and cross-cultural corporate environments. All instructors are practicing attorneys in Azerbaijan’s most prominent law firms, oil concerns, banks, and businesses.

Required courses: • Contracts • Corporate Governance • Legal Research and Writing • International Business Transactions • Alternative Dispute Resolution • Legal English • Anti-Monopoly Law • Business Basics for Lawyers • Banking Law • Corporate Finance • Intellectual Property Law • Commercial Aspects of Human Rights • Tax Law • Computer Research • International Financial Law • Pedagogy • Private International Law • Jurisprudence • Legal Psychology


LLM in International Human Rights

This is a two-year master’s program at the Faculty of Law. The prerequisite for the course includes fluency in English and previous law degree. The students study in groups which are no more than 10–12 students each. Vast majority of the professors teaching at this program are graduates of leading European and American universities. The students in this program have the opportunity to study Human Rights in more details, to familiarize closely with such areas of Human Rights law as Law of Armed Conflicts, European system of Human rights protection, Rights of Refugees and Migrants, Children Rights, Women Rights etc.

The professors are using new syllabus for this course and apply modern interactive methods of teaching.

Required courses: • International Tribunals • Refugees and Rights of Migrants • European Convention on Human rights • Human rights and NGOs • Humanitarian law • Current issues in Human rights • Rights of Minorities • Legal writing in English


LLM in European Law

This is a brand new program our University, which was launched in Autumn 2011. This Master’s program is also a two-year program and it intends to familiarize the students with the legislation of the EU and other European Institutions including the Council of Europe. It is expected that this will be a joint-degree course with the University of Wurzburg (Germany) to be taught in the German language. The prerequisites for this course include fluency in German and law background. The program will attract both specialists from German and Azerbaijan to teach relevant courses.