On the one hand this factor, on the other hand acceptance to the faculty was held by determined on the basis of social normative of upper directive organs, was influencing positive impact in students success. Speak otherwise, education process was showing unsatisfactory level of the students. When looking at figures in 1928/29 school year it is clear that rather good states were in the medicine faculty.

By the way, to say that the dean of law faculty, professor A.O.Michel criticized this circumstance in the common meeting held by Azerbaijan State University and scientists of API, Educational Commissariat in 1929, on May 12, showed the reasons of available difficulties and said the importance of education being in Azerbaijani: “if Turkish are busy in the suitable situation, then they don’t fall behind others. They often busy in bad, unsuitable conditions. The education is held in Russian language and Russian is not known by everyone. Turkish is necessary for students who study in the university. There are no supplies in Turkish language and yield which is produced by university gives us least opportunity to choose out of them”.

If completely take into account, there have started to occur serious faults in the process of accepting students to the university since the second half of 1920 year. Making of proletarian policy rapidly at that time in the university created an obstacle. If look through you can see this tendency on the basis of law faculty’s circumstance right away. So, in the first of existence of law faculty, that is to say in 127/28 school year 54 percent of its students were Azerbaijani. But in 1930 their amount included 42 percent. The cause of diminution was the admittance of a number of independent listeners to the law faculty by instructions of upper organs. There was always minority of Azeri’s among the independent listeners. Interference of upper organs to the law faculty badly influenced to quality of education and teaching. The Law faculty turned into the most leader faculties of the university in spite of passing a little time of its forming. Activity of the collaborator in the scientific research work and social work carried out in the faculty of the university was proof of this. ASU was basic scientific centre in our republic at that time and this scientifical education center had played important role in the formation of science, development of social thought and culture. As the University didn't have scientific institutes work of scientific research was carried out in chairs, scientific societies, laboratory and clinics. Scientific societies were considered primary institutions of development of the science in the university. The first scientific society created in the university in December, 1920. Scientific societies were created mostly in the faculties of medicine and physico-mathematical in primary times.

The Law faculty fulfilled the mission falling on in this step which new social system established with dignity. When the government of the republic began to pay special attention on development of socio - humanitarian sciences the collaborators of the law faculty using maximum from this condition were speeding up the work of scientific creative activities from the second half of 1920s.

"A society studing socio - economic and humanitarian sciences" research center was created in the beginning of December, 1927 in the university. The center focused more than 60 members of professor and teacher staff in the faculties of pedagogical, oriental studies and law and a number of well-known public statesmen of that time. Professors T.L.Berin, P.P.Fridolin, A.O.Mishel, A.O.Makovelski and so on were included to the presidium of the society. 1st of January 1929 till December 5, 1927, i.e. in fact within 13 months 9 meetings of the society is held  and many scientific lectures were read about the problem of philosophy, political economy, history, law, pedagogy and other subjects in the same meetings. There was the lecture "October and Law" of the dean of the law faculty, professor A.O.Mishelin among these scientific lectures.

The collaborators of the law faculty requlary spoke with scientific works in periodic scientific organs of the university. As known, the periodic scientific organs of the university were the scientific journals of "theoretical and practical medicine" which published in 1924 and "news of Baku State University" ehich published in 1921. Two half - volume of the "news" published in 1921. But the first half - volume was dedicated to nature study and medicine, secondly to the humanities that the articles of lawyers had printed there. After the name of Baku State University has been changed to Azerbaijan State University on December 6, 1922 its basic scientific organ "news" publish on departments and science spheres: law, nature study and medicine, social sciences, oriental studies. So, the law series of the "news" prepared with efforts of the professor and teacher staff of the law faculty saw the light for the first time in 1923.

The first issue of the "law" series prepared approximately in the volume of 30 printing sheets and 4 volumes. This edition was improveed later on and began name as "news of the law department" from 1928. "news of the law department" was printed  with editing of professors A.O.Mishel and A.S.Qubaydullinin in 1928. 4 issues of the "news of law department" had been published. The first and the second issues were called "news of law department". The name of the issue was changed after the law department overturned to the independent law faculty in 1928 and it began called as "news of law department".
Scientific works about the most urgent problem of jurisprudence was printed in these editions. For example, the following scientific work and articles can be shown:  "Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR on March 27, 1927", "Constitution of ZSFSRon April 14, 1925", "Administrative punishment measures in the legislation of Azerbaijan SSR" of B.N.Khatuntsev; "Theory of violence and its attitude on government to marksizm doctrine" of A.O.Mishel;  "Development stages of marriage - family right in Soviet Azerbaijan", "Inheritance right of Soviet Azerbaijan Republic", "Economic and legal nature of contractation of plants", "on problems of cooperative code of USSR"of F.V.Dyakov;  "Tax criminals on Criminal code of Azerbaijan SSR", "Evgenics and criminal law" of N.N.Polianski; "on the problems of economy and administrative rights" of K.Q.Yaichkov; "Factual ownership", "Subsidiary institutions near state organs", "Legal principles of Cooperation", "Sales - purchase contract property right"of V.A.Udintsev.

But a number of works of the collaborators of law faculty were in the socio-historical style. For example it is possible to show the works "Dictatorship of Esers kazakh generals" of professor Y.A.Ratqauzer, "Codex of Napoleon" of professor A.O.Mishel, "Law and State in Spinos system" of assistant professor A.Anqarov, "struggle of workers to create a society in XIV century" of professor P.P. Fridolin, "Government and court during the reign of Nikolay I" of assistant professor M.V.Dovnar-Zapolsky, "from the history of ancient turkic state bodies"of professor A.S.Bukshpa.