Since the study of the subject of Criminal law was begun in 1948 the laboratory of criminal law had begun to act attached to the department. The first practice with the students of the faculty had was taken by lab. assistant Lorensen. The following years Bilal Zeynalov, Rasim Mirzazadeh, İlham Mirzayev, Yagub Shamayev, Akif Babayev, Mubariz Mustafayev managed the criminal law laboratory. The director of the laboratory of criminal law is Nariman Huseynov.

The laboratory of criminal law acted in the composition of Criminal process and criminal law department from 1950 untill 1979. Up to now from 1979 it’s in the composition of Criminal law and Court examination depatment.

There was implemented the study of some practical problems such as obviousing, making and taking trasologic tracks (hand, foot, vehicles, breaking tools and means); taking fingerprint registration; application of criminal law photography during the investigation; appointing and taking the court examination and so on in the laboratory of Criminal law.

It’s necessary to note that the management of Baku State University has segregated 60 thousand USD for the purchase of modern criminal law equipment approaching the laboratory of criminal law with great care and attendance. Those equipment was purchased from abroad, constructed and was given to the use of the students.