According to the directions of Azerbaijan C (b)P in 1927 under the decision of administrative personnel of Azerbaijan State University and State Scientific Board of Public Education Commissariat of the Republic, the branch of law was made inside the Oriental Studies department of the University. In 1928 the Branch of law changed in to the faculty of lawStudet Contingent. During the activity of the faculty of law thousands of students have graduated from it.

Scientific – technical basis:

Criminalistic Laboratory

Clinic of Law

Now 1021 students study there in fulltime department, 471 students in correspondence department, total 1295 students study in bachelor’s degree of the faculty of law. The number of the students studing on additional education is 587. Generally, 1933 students learn the secrets of Law Sciences and are being trained as a lawer in the faculty of law.

There are 3 newly opened graduate programs in English at the faculty. Vast majority of the professors teaching at this program are graduates of leading European and American universities.

As you know, a new criminal types appears regarding to the development of modern technology and the offenders commits their vile deed by using the last achievement of of the technology. It demands using the technical means struggling against these deeds. The criminalistics laboratory forms a habit of using the technical means acting in the faculty of law. The principals of the University always attending and caring to the durability of material – technical basis of the faculty of law achieved the most modern criminalistic equipment in the value of 50 000 EURO from abroad by considering it. Those equipments have installed and given to the competence of the students.