Academic and organizational activity of active students

There acts several organizations to organize the leisure time and participation of the students in the social life in BSU. The Student – Youth Organization, The Committee of Free Student Colleague Unity, Students’ Scientific Society are the most active. The students of the law faculty take an active part in the social life of the University.

The activity of the Student’s Scientific Society is consisted of the following:

  • Measures about increasing the scientific activity interest of the students;
  • Organization of Intellectual games;
  • Holding inter faculty Olympic contests;
  • Directing well educated students to the departments for their desires;
  • Organization of scientific and workshop and conferences, providing the participation of active students in these conferences.

The faculty of the activity of the Student – youth’s organization is consisted of the following:

  • Implementation of the work in the direction of the social problems of the students;
  • Enlightening the students;
  • To supply the rights of the students;
  • Organization of circles, clubs, courses, services for providing intellectual development of interests and inclinations of the students.


The faculty of the union of the free student’s colleague is consisted of the followings::

  • Solution of the social problems;
  • Using efficiently the leisure time of the students;
  • Receives information about discipline, number, attendance, providing with hostel of students;
  • Defends any law infringement of the students;
  • Takes care of post-graduates and married students;
  • Legally assists all students;
  • Improves the opportunities of the students.