Apparently, at the end of the 1920s scientific creative work activities of the collaborators of the law faculty were productive. And it gave every kind of bases to speak with optimism about perspectives of the future development of the faculty. But as shown in the previous chapter the problem of being closed 1930 of the university occured. And it showed influence to the activities of the law faculty.

Project of reorganizing the university was prepared at the end of January 1930 and the same project was discussed  in the board of the people's commissariat of enlightenment on February 1. Functions of the faculties, purposes of the each of them defined more exactly in the move of the preparing of the project, forming of the economy faculty, the new faculties, plan of new educational intended to prepare. It has planned to open three semestr - first, second and third semenstrs in the economy faculty at first in order to separate administrative economy department and join it to a new faculty. The first semestr wouldn't open, because issue ought to be only in the minor schools and technical schools in summer, 1930.

But  the law faculty intended to organized from two departments, preparaing cadres for soviet apparatus from the administrative department and consisting of the department of law-court preparing pure lawyers in the composition. Educational period had been determined  6-7 semestr and 3-3,5 years in the law faculty.

But these plans remained unfinished. Processes carried out being closed of the university. Upper directive organs tried to realize the plan of subordinating the science and activities of the educational institutions to interest of pure economy. The first step in this direction was thrown at the end of the February, 1930. The Soviet of people's commissariat of Azerbaijan SSR accepted a decision on Februray 25, 1930 "about attaching the higher and technical schools to offices and economical organs" for forming of the training of continuous production, creation of the organic connection of establishments with educational institutions, providing the influence of economy organs to the work of higher and technical schools and using more sufficiently from the graduates of these educational institutions. According to the decision, a number of faculties of the university must be attached to the organs of corresponding economy. For instance, the medicine faculty of ASU was attached to people's commissariat of helath and Baku Health department, Pedagogical Faculty was attached people's commissariat of enlightenment. But in practice the law faculty was attached nowhere. It ought to organize practice and contract in all offices and establishments depending on specializing together with faculty of that economy.

AC(b)P Presidium of the Central Committee listened to the lecture of the rector about reorganizing the university on February 20, 1930 and on the basis of this lecture wide project of reorganizing ASU was prepared. This project offered being kept wholly of ASU, even developing. IThere was intended to give the right of dividing into departments, divisions and specialities. But when this project was discussed in the consultation of socio - cultural division of State Plan Committee of the Republic dated on April 11, 1930 the section devoted to the faculties were removed from the document. The reason of this was stated so: "Separation of apart faculties into independent faculties as intended fundamentally to reorganize ASU".

But it was marked in the protocol of the consultation held on April 15, 1930 of the State Plan Committee of Azerbaijan SSR that "the first section ("section on faculties") ought to remove from the university when it would reorganize fundamentally".

So, it already was known in April, 1930 that the university would be closed and specific type higher schools would be organized on the basis of some faculties. Nevertheless problem of liquidation of ASU had not stood in daily until the consultation of the State Plan Committee dated on April 15.

The decisive step in the way which carry out to the liquidation of the university was the decision about "giving right of some educational institutions to the offices of this institutions" accepted in the meeting of State Plan Committee dated on April 21, 1930. These were intended in the document: The faculty of medicine of ASU would be turned to the Azerbaijan Medical Institute by giving to the people's Health commissariat; Pedagogical Faculty of ASU would be turned to the higher Pedagogical institute; Pedagogical institute would be turned for preparing and repreparing of the teachers under higher Pedagogical Institute; But untill this problem would be solved in the power of people's enlightment comissariat the faculties of law and economy would be kept in the union scale.

A decision about "attaching the higher and technical schools to offices and economical organs" was accepted in the meeting of the soviet of people commissars on May 5, 1930. This decision accepted with the presentation of the State Plan Committee demanded the process of reorganizing of the university to finish till 1st of September. According to the document, the law faculty of ASU had to turn to the Soviet Building and Law institute by giving to the order of Azerbaijan Central Executive Committee.

Finally, The Soviet of People's Commissariat accepted a decision about "reorganizing and districting higher schools and technical schools of Azerbaijan SSR, giving them to the order of proper economy organs and people's commissariat". The University was separated into independent institutes and it was put an end to its existence. The Soviet state building and law institute was created in June of the so the same year in the base of the law faculty of ASU and it was given to the order of the Azerbaijan Central Executive Committee. The first part of the university stage of the history of law faculty ended so.

When spoking about the history of returning the law faculty to ASU from 1930 in 1941 it is possible to state that the law faculty has lost the independence and the function as educational institution at that time and it had turned to the addition of the party-soviet organs preparing ideological and administrative economy cadres. And it was bitter result of total state politics implemented in all areas of the life of the society without exception at that time. The case had reached even that place that persons, politicians, administrators and operatives who didn't have any connection with education and science managed the the institute created in the base of the law faculty. So, B.M.Talıbli a person far-away from the methodic and scientific activities, notable soviet statesman had been appointed to the duty of the director of Soviet State Building and Law Institute at that time.
Soviet state building and Law Institute had no independence as any educational institution. it was obliged only to fulfil directions, orders and directives came from upper, i.e. AC(b)P, the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan, soviet of people commissars. All directions and subjects of the work of scientific research implemented in the institute was defined by organs of higher state and government that it was creating serious difficulties and it was last as a result. It is accidental that noteworthy and fundamental scientific research work which serve to the development of jurispendence during 3 years existed SSBLI and any candidature and doctoral thesis was not defended, even any monograph, book, textbook had not been unwrittened. Institute prepared not pure lawyers, law-court, office of Public Prosecutor, justice, scientific cadres but especially administrators, business executives and operatives.

But all of these do not give base to say that the Soviet institute of state building and law is unimportant as an organization. Advantegous peculiarities of its existence and activities are also available. First of all, after the creation of the university acceptance to it rose, if the number of the young involved for the institute was by administrative ways, it had considerably increased in any case. Secondly, soviet State building and law institute had brought up hundreds of specialists and state employee for state apparatus surviving popular illiteracy and deficit of national cadre at that stage. Absolute majority of them were Azerbaijanis, in any case that future development of jurisprudence play a very important factor role of raising completely the intellectual potential of the society.

During 1930-1933 the following stage in the history of the law faculty begins with the liquidating of the little faculty acting as the Soviet State Building and Law Institute in 1933. So, the soviet state building and law institute was joined to the composition of the social and economic institute organized in the same year and it was undergone to the fundamental structure reforms. The contingent of student and teacher of the soviet state building and law institute naturally, were given to the composition of the social and economic institute and the soviet state building and law faculty turned with this contingent to the law faculty of the social and economic institute together.

Turning of Soviet state Building and Law institute to the separate law faculty anew get range in area of jurispendence to the work of scientific research. Because from one side, corresponding amendments were done in the profile, functions and plan of teaching of the faculty, it become released from being the addition of the party-soviet organs, but from the second side, the administrative work of the faculty was given to professional, great pedagogue, Azerbaijanian lawyer, assistant professor M.Y.Guliyev. In the result of the activities of the faculty dean M.Y.Quliyev the law faculty got its former face. Assistant professor entering to the history of the law faculty as its first Azerbaijanian dean (if not taking into account the activities of B.M.Talibli as the director of the institute of soviet state building and law) M.Y.Quliyev headed 3 years to the law faculty of the social and economic institute. During 1933-1936 when he was the dean of the faculty, the problem of Student Admission to the faculty was put in order, in the work of forming the chairs and in the activities as a scientific institution was put in order, work of scientific research restored and accelerated.

Every year 25 students were accepted to the first course of the faculty in these years. Students are mostly elected among experienced workers of the justice organs and special supervision by dean's office was dared out to the ripening of the lawyers by professionals. Any restriction for students study in the law faculty, including age restriction was not put. The problem of work guarantee and separating from education was regulated by dean's office. So, more prepared and able students of the upper courses was sent to responsible duties to the organs of law-court and justice not separating from education by the initiative and presentation of the dean's office. During the periods when assistant professor M.Y.Quliyev leaded the faculty the lessons in the law faculty were held in Azerbaijan language adjoining with Russian for the first time.

There were not textbooks concerning to the law and school supplies in Azerbaijani language at that time. Dean's office of the law faculty was paying special attention to liquidate this problem. 13 textbooks concerning to the most different area of the jurisprudence by the efforts of the professor and teacher staff of the faculty and school supplies had been printed by translating to Azerbaijani during 3 years. Besides, scientific works of the Azerbaijanian teachers of the faculty had also published. The publication of scientific works such as "What is Criminal?” “Punishment policy during industrial capitalism", of assistant professor M.Y.Guliyev, “Family right in Azerbaijan”, “Ethics and law” of M.M.Vekilov, “Normativism in law” and “Social village courts” of assistant professor G.Jafarov also belonged to this period.

Works of the other teachers of the faculty had been printed in the same years. The woks of professor N.N.Pchelin "on the problem of property right in Azerbaijan", assistant professor B.N.Khatuntsev "Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR" were also published at the same time.

Social and economic institute carried out activity until 1936 under this name and from the same year began named Azerbaijan National economy institute by the name of C.Marks. Reforms of a few number of cadres carried out connected with the turnning of the social and economic institute to the institute of Azerbaijan national economy, new persons had been appointed to some duties.

Such changes were also in the law faculty. So, the assistant professor enlisted to the laws department of the faculty of oriental studies as a teacher in 1928 Gasim Jafarov was elected the dean of the law faculty of the Institute of National Economy in 1936. So, the 1916 graduate of the law faculty of Petrograd University and prominent scientist on civil law professor G.Jafarov entered as the second Azerbaijanian dean to the history of the independent law faculty. Let us note that G.Jafarov led (candidate of law sciences Vahid Gahramanov had executed the duty of the faculty dean temporarily in 1948) to the law faculty with intervals during 16 years, in 1936-1952.

The history of the law faculty outside Azerbaijan State University continued until 1941. As mentioned in the previous chapter, some higher schools as well as, the institute of Azerbaijan national economy was focused with ASU connected with the beginning of war in 1941 and going to the fornts of the teachers and the students of the higer school. Since that time the law faculty "joined" with the university for ever. When the Institute of National Economy was restored in 1944 the law faculty was remained in the structure of ASU.