After 4 years intervals Azerbaijan State University was restored on May 25, 1934. The University began in the composition of 4 faculties (faculties of physico-mathematical, chemistry, biology and history) in its first educational year in 1934/35. The rector of ASU K.A.Alakbarli wrote in November, 1934 that more broadensing of the university in the next years, creation of the faculties of geology-soil, geography, linguistics and literature was intended. But carrying out of these plans was delayed from the reason of the material and technical base of the university is weak, suffice of the educational buildings and hostels. Rector of ASU brings considering the necessity of constructing new buildings for the university in the "Letter of Explanation" addressed to the government in 1936 for solution of these problems, at the same time informed the necessity of the creation of the faculties of geology - soil, geography, linguistics, literature, economy and law. But the implementation time of these plans was not mentioned in this letter and concrete time was not shown.

But this initiative of the rectorate remained on the paper in spite of all insistences and efforts. The Bureaucratic hindrances and "inconvenience of material and technical opportunties" answers of the government can be shown as areason. It was marked about the same circumference in the documents that "It is impossible to open new faculties as there isn’t any buildings and student’s hostel to replace them".

As mentioned, “The returning” of the law faculty to ASU was in 1941. The begining of the war had created difficulties in Azerbaijan as in all the USSR connected with problems of serious organizational cadre, material and technical purchasing, management in the area of higher education. AC(b)P Central Committee and soviet of people commissars of the republic had accepted a decision about focusing the Pedagogical named after V.I.Lenin Institute to Azerbaijan State University in October, 1941 in order to eliminate these difficulties and to provide passage to mobile management. But a number of higher educational institutions including institute of Azerbaijan national economy were also connected after it. So, the law faculty returned back to the university.

When the law faculty returned back to ASU it had 4 chairs, civil law (chief of the chair G.J.Jafarov) criminal law (chief of the chair G.M.Mammadov), international law (chief of the chair V.I.Lisovski) and state law (chief of the chair V.N.Khatuntsev at first, then B.A.Huseynov).

War condition caused fundamental changes in the methodic and scientific activities of the university, educational plans. It was also shown in the activities of the law faculty. For example, the formation of the correspondence department of the law faculty came to daily as some other faculties, and it came forward from the necessity of the development of education separate from production adjoining substitution of lawyer cadres went to front. Scientific council of ASU had decided to open correspondence departments near law faculty in the languages of Azerbaijan, Russian and Armenian on July 9, 1942. The direction was given by the order of People commissariat of enlightenment dated on July 17, 1942 that correspondence department of the law faculty should be opened in the 1942/43 educational year.

But as the organizational difficulties it began to act in the 1943/44 educational year. The correspondence department which the general contingent consisted of 230 persons was opened in 1943/44 educational year in structure of the 8 faculties of ASU, faculties of philology, history, law, biology, geology and geography, physico-mathematical, oriental studies and chemistry.

Notwithstanding the correspondence department is created its activities and organizational situation wasn't satisfactory at all. The problems of organizational character were completing difficulties connected with staff of educational plans, corresponding school supplies and teachers. Correcting the situation was possible only after proper instructions came from Moscow. The correspondence departments 4 of 8 faculties –oriental studies, history, philology and physico-mathematical was remained by the order given from the committee of work of All-Union higher school on the February 2, 1945, but external students of the faculties of law, biology, geology and geography and chemistry were held to corresponding higher schools. Azerbaijan and Russian groups of the law faculty were moved to the institute of correspondence law in July, 1945.

Difficulties of the war years were great. The law faculty has passed from all these difficulties. Four years educational period had been applied in the law faculty since April 30, 1944. As the reason of insufficiency of teacher and school supplies a few subjects in the faculty had been liquidated. For instance, historical subjects of state law and criminal law had been taken out from the school plan as specialists did not suffice in Russian divide of the law faculty. But notwithstanding all these deprivations and difficulties the most exemplary, advanced and disciplined faculty of the university was counted the law faculty.

According to the statistics of 1944/45t educational year, after the faculty of philology consisting of 463 persons the law faculty which is the second most numerous student contingents - 264 persons was the only faculty in all university that, either discipline or to the degree of success had shown the result of 100 per cent. Only the faculties of law and history brought 100 per cent student contingent to summer exam session in 1944.

Absolute and relative success degrees of the law faculty was the highest indicator on all university, respectively, 88.1 ands 96.7 percentages. 18.4 percentages of the students of the law faculty were exellent from all lessons and that was the 3rd indicator after faculties of physico-mathematical (30.3 percentages) and history (19.s percentages).

24 graduates finished Russian divide of the law faculty (the same year there wasn’t issue on Azerbaijan division) in 1945 that their 4 persons had received honours diploma. Let us remember that the same year 28 persons of ASU had finished the university by honours diploma.

The scientific and public work of the professor-teacher staff of the law faculty can be considered productive in the war year. Name of the law faculty had been included to the plan of scientific research work of the university since October 1, 1943. The work of scientific research had been directed to solution of the important problems as national economy and military – industrial mostly in these years. Nevertheless researches on social sciences are carried out, candidature and doctoral theses were defended. The lawyer scientists had always shown activity in scientific conference and sessions held in the urgent social subject during the war years in the university.

Scientific conference of the law faculty had been held by its initiative and organizational activities in the university in the subject of "Fascism and law" in June, 1942. But teachers of the law faculty had taken part in the conference with the scientific lecures such as, assistant professor V.Lisovski "Fascism and international law", head teacher B.A.Huseynov "Fascism and family", teacher Y.A.Anikst-Zvonskaya "Race theory of German Fascism". One of the 12 scientific works presented in the scientific conference of the university held in November, 1942 was the lecture “Criminal methods of external policy of fascism” of assistant professor of the law faculties V.Lisovski.

Teachers of the law faculty had closely taken part in the scientific session held in the university in April 1944. The lectures of substitute of assistant professor V.Gahramanov of "Criminal - law views according to Moslem law" presented to the session and assistant professor V.Lisovski "law and diplomaty" was elected with originality and scientific innovation. Besides, the scientific conference in the subject of "on ethics and culture" held in the law faculty in 1944 was rousing interest.

İn spite of successes got in the area of implementing scientifical - research work in the laü faculty, situation connected with the post graduate students was not so heartwarming. There was 36 post graduate students in the university on the February 1, 1944 that one person of them was falling only to the part of the law faculty. The number of the post graduate students of the university had reached 68 in June, 1945 and 3 of them were lawyers.

Notwithstanding the problems in the area of post graduate during the war years 13 doctoriat and 118 candidature theses were defended in ASU, and five of them was falling to the part of the law faculty. The candidature theses in the subject of «on legal nature of personal property right» of G.J.Jafarov, «first constitution of Azerbaijan SSR» of B.N.Khatunsev, «Socio – political structure of Azerbaijan in XVIII century» of F.Sh.Shabanov, «Criminals against the freedom of women» of V.P.Gahramanov and B.A.Həşimzadənin «History of criminal legislation of Soviet Azerbaijan» of B.A.Hashimzadeh can be considered as the first scientific works.