The faculty of law of Baku State University built as a branch of the faculty of oriental studies in 1927 and was an independent department of law in 1928. The first dean of the faculty was A.O.Mishel. Now the acting dean of the department is prof. Samandarov F.Y.  In the acting period the faculty grew thousands of high specialized lawyer cadres and supplied the Law enforcement bodies, State and government agents of our Republic with lawyer cadres. The law faculty is the main leader centre in the development of law science and the preparation of scientifical and pedagogical cadres in the republic. Among the graduates of the faculty there are the scientists who had the services in the preparation of lawyer cadres such as: Vahid Gahramanov, Mammad Khalafov, Jahangir Karimov, Aziz Asadov, İsa Mammadov, Jafar Movsumov, Masuma Malikova, Murtuz Alasgarov, Firudin Samandarov, Tofig Gandilov.
The basic scientifical investigation spheres of the faculty: the problems of the theory and history of state and law; the history of political and legal theories; Constitution right; Embassy right; administrative right; Commercial right; the problems of civil right in the situation of market economy; criminal and punishment problems;  protection of the society from criminal attempts; study of the cause and the situation of criminality and preparation of removing prophylactics of criminalistcs; ordering the relations of implementing Court of Justice; the problems of applying the scientifical and technical means in obviousing the criminality, in the opinion of investigation and court;  tactical problems of investigations of criminality.
The education is held in Azerbaijan and Russian languages. There works about 80 personnel of professor and teachers being one member of ANAS, about 14 head methodologist, methodologist and operator – typist in the faculty. There studies more than 2 thousand students, 42 post-graduate and 52 dissertant in bachelour and masters degree, full time and correspondence as well as, on additional education in the faculty.


The Law Faculty of Baku State University can be divided into several periods: