The law clinic acting at the law faculty of Baku State University the high educated lawyer masters of  BSU under the supervisor of their teachers and lawyers renders free law assistance to the poor citizens such as pensioners, refugees, disabled, students. Under the supervisor of teachers and lawyers the high educated lawyer masters of BSU will explain you the order of your steps to defend your interests at State and other organizations and to prepare legal documents.

If you are decided to apply to the clinic it is necessary to ring and give a brief information about the work, agree with the contributor of our clinic on the date when you will come to our clinic.

You can ring to the clinic every day (besides Sundays) from 10:00 untill 15:00.

Number: (012) 510 00 51

Adress: classroom ِِ № 7, ground floor, the branch №1 of Baku State University, 23 Z.Khalilov street,Baku.
Departure: till the metro station of «Elmlər Akademiyası».

The clinic of law was established by the suitable order of the rector of the BSU, academician A.M. Maharramov according to the decision of Scientific Council of the law faculty dated on February 13, 2001 about applying legal clinical education to the master degree of the law faculty.
The clinic of law of the law faculty of Baku State University was financed by special grant segregated by «The Institute of Open Society –Assistance fund».

To prepare the students to apply the alternative working methods and practical activity by making them familiar with the alternative principles of the arguments and the law applying activity process.
Giving legal advice to poor people as well as, organizing their interests in civil process by the students at the leadership of experienced specialists.

The structure of the clinical activity
1. Enlightening activity
2. Activity on giving legal advice, representing the interests of the customers in civil processes
It considers ot implement the law on civil processual law and human rights.

Teaching practical habits inside enlightening activity considers to introduce the specific situations to the lawyer students in experience.

The activity of giving law advice
The necessity of this activity expressed that the students didn’t attend outside as observer while working on specific vital events, they was obliged todo such things, i.e. to render specific legal service giving advice to the clients.
It is necessary to note that taking into account the responsibility of giving legal advice and the representation of the client in the court, the students are at the supervisor of experienced specialist while implementing this activity.