The Academician Jahangir Aliabbas Karimov was born on June 18, 1923 in Baku city. He was an active participatant of Great Civil War. After finishing Baku branch of the institute of All-Union Correspondence Law in 1946 he continued scientific activities in Moscow. In 1962, he got the title of the doctor of law sciences, professor,got the the corresponding member of the SA in 1966, have been elected as an academician of the SA of Azerbaijan in 1967, has been SSR laureate of state prize in 1980. He worked in the duty of director of Leningrad Lawyer Institute by M.I.Kalinin and the director of the law theory and histary department of Leningrad University in 1951-57, the professor of the Academy of German State and Law Sciences and The University of Berlin (GDR) in 1957-59, the director of the department in Leningrad State University in 1952-65 and the vice-rector in 1965-68, the chief scientific worker in Marksizm- Leninizim Institute near Sov. ECP CC in 1969-71. Then he worked as a manager of the department of state and law theory of the Academy of Social Sciences near Sov. ECP CC. He was the vice – president of International Law and Social Phylosophy Society, the member of phylosophy and law department of SSR SA, vice-president of the Society of Soviet Political Sciences. His basic works were devoted to phylosophy and sosyological problems of law, state and law theory and legislation technology, application of cybernetics in social investigations, the problems of social administration and planning. He had services on preparing high qualified cadres. He was rewarded with the (ADR)orders such as «nations friendship», «Honour Sign», «Services on Native Land» as well as, with the medals of SSRİ, GDR  Chekhoslovaki. Most of his scientific works were translated into several foreign languages as well as, English, French, Deutch, Chez, Spanish, Khorvat, Polish, and Phin.

Tofig Mikayil Gafarov,
one of the prominent member of lawyer heritage of Azerbaijan, Honoured science worker, Dr. of law sciences, was born on March 13 1931 in Baku. He entered Moscow Lawyer Institute in 1949, graduated from there in 1953. He worked as a chief adviser in Supreme Court of Azerbaijan SSR, and then worked as a reader. He entered post-graduate of Azerbaijan State University in 1958, defended his candidate theses in 1962. He was the teacher, the head teacher and assistant professor of the department of Criminal Law from 1961 untill 1968. He worked as a deputy director in Phylosophy and Law Institute of Azerbaijan SE in 1968-1978.
Tofig Gafarov defended Ph.D. theses in the topic of «residive problem in Soviet Criminal law» in Moscow State University in 1973. in 1978 he was rewarded by the professor title. Professor Tofig Gafarov was eleced as a director of the department of Criminal Law of BSU in1987 and worked there till the end of his life. He was the member of Academic – advisor Council at Supreme Court of the Republic, the meber of Academic – methodological Council  at Republic Procuratory, as well as, he was the member of Academic Council of «objective laws of state, administration and law development » of SSR SA, chairman of the Council of «problems of state and law » of Azerbaijan SA.
Professor Tofig Gafarov paid special attention to the preparation of academic cadres: he had prepared 4 Dr. of sciences, 15 candidates of sciences. He was the member of expert commission on Criminal Law of USSR Supreme Attestaion Comission from 1980 untill the USSR collapsed. He was rewarded with the title of «Honoured scientist of Azerbaijan Republic » according to his services on science.
Professor Tofig Gafarov died in car wreck on August 30, 1995.

Honoured lawyer of The Russian Federation, doctor of law sciences, professor Tofiq Gandilov Mir Taghi was born in Baku city in 1942. In 1963 he graduated from the law faculty of Azerbaijan State University, so the same years the USSR he was accepted into the post graduate course of the institute of state and law of USSR SA. he got the title of law sciences defending The USSR SA in the institute of state and law  in the topic of «Pravovoy rejim poohritelğnıx fondov qosudarstvennıx promışlennıx predpriətiy v novıx usloviəx» in 1968. The USSR of the SA economy law of the institute of state and law and junior research worker accepted by competition divide the managing problems of industry in 1969 , he has worked  there from that time during 37 years untill 2006. He worked as the head scientific worker of the same institute from 1976; he has been the leader scientest from 1992. He has defended doctoral thesis of the Academy of Sciences in Russia in the subject of «Pravovıe problemı xozrascheta v stroitelstve v usloviax perexoda k rınochnım otnosheniam» in 1992.
Professor Tofig Gandilov is a notable specialist in the field of ownership and civil law. Over 80 scientific works, as well as, books, momnoqraphs and methodic and scientific means ("Xozraschet volt kapitalnom stroitelstve, Pravovıe aspektı" (M., Nauka, 1986); "Zakon I proizvodstvo" (Baku, Gandjlik, 1971); were published. Now he is working on legal problems of small and middle ownership. In this field «Pravovıe requlirovanie maloqo predprinimatelstva, Sostoenie i perspektivı» (M., 2003); «Problemı razvitie zakonodatelstva o malom i srednem predprinimatelstve» (M., Gkzamen, 2007) and other works has printed. Professor Tofig Gandilov has been engaged with the problems of law creation. He attended in the preparation of some legislative acts on basic probllems of legal adjustment of basic construction and economy. There is a federal law project about “Small and middle ownership” among them.

Professor Tofig Gandilov has engaged with scientific work at the same time with pedagogical activities for a long time. He was assistant professor in the institute of increasing speciality of the chief workers and specialists of communication ministry of the USSR in 1980-1984s, he was a professor in Moscow state law academy in 1994-1995s and 2003-2005s, he was a professor in Moscow state open university in 1998-2002, he has taught lessons under the academy of economy named after Q.V.Plekhanov in the higher school of economy and business management in 1998-2000.
He has spoken repeatedly with the lectures on Economy and civil law in science establishments and universities of foreign countries (Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, CSSR, MXR, and VSR). He taught a lesson in the school of higher administration near Vietnam Socialist Republic in 1985-1987, he was rewarded according to service with “Friendship” medal of Vietnam government.
Professor Tofig Gandilov is the head of the chair of ownership right of the academy of economy and Law in Moscow at present. At the same time he reads lectures in Moscow university of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, in Russia state tourism and Service University, in the academy of national economy near the government of Russian Federation. Besides he carries out great work in the area of preparing methodic and scientific cadres, he is the scientific chief of some post graduate students, adviser of the doctorants and now continues these activities. It is joyful case that among his graduates there were representatives of Azerbaijan, as well as, the law faculty of Baku State University.
Professor Tofig Gandilov is a member of two councils on defence of Dr. D. theses on the speciality of 12.00.03 in State and Law University of Russia Sciences Academy and Moscow University of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation.
Professor Tofig Gawas rewarded with some prizes and grants according to his investigation works and scientifical and pedagogical activity. He was rewarded with the name “honoured lawyer of Russian Federation” by the order of the president of Russian Federation in 2007.

Doctor of law sciences, professor Aghababa Rzayev Gasım was born in the worker family in Baku on the February 12, 1923, he finished the secondary school in 1941. After the Great Patriotic War began he studied in the flying school in Tbilisi, then, finishing there in July, 1942, he joined the army, fought bravery and passed through a long and hard way until Berlin. According to his heroisms and valour he has received the gratitude of the higher Commander-in-Chief repeatedly. After finishing war, he was kept in the army and he was demobilized only in 1948.
Aghababa Rzayev studied in the correspondence department of the law faculty of Azerbaijan State University after came back from the army, he worked in the Comsomol work: he was the instructor of the Central Committee of Azerbaijan Komsomol, the first secretary of the Komsomol committee of Vorohsilov region in Baku city in 1948-1951. from 1951 until 1956 he worked in different responsible duties in the Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR, he was deputy of the Minister of Justice of Azerbaijan SSR in 1956-1959, head of the department of soviet organs of the Soviet of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR in 1959-1965, he worked deputy of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan SSR from 1965 until 1970. He is the colonel of internal affairs. He was the deputy of the soviet of Baku city in 1959-1965.
Aghababa Rzayev at the same time working in responsible duties of state he has been engaged with equal wide scientific research. Buthe defended the candidature in the subject of "Political ideology of M.F.Akhundov " in the scientific council of the institute of state and law of USSR SA in Moscow in 1963, doctoral theses in the subject of "political – legal theories in Russia and Azerbaijan and their mutual relations" in 1968. Aghababa Rzayev was rewarded with professor name in 1971.

Idris Aliyev entered the law faculty of Azerbaijan State university in 1960, he finished there in 1965. So the same years entered the post graduate course of the institute which learn the causes of the criminality and prepare measures direct to prevent it, he got the name of candidate of law sciences defending a thesis there in 1969. he was the director of Academic – Research Court Examination of Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan SSR, the institute of problems of criminal law and criminology until the end of his life from 1971. He defended Doctoral thesis in 1983.

Doctor of law sciences, professor, the director of the centre of legal expertise near the Ministry of Justice of  Azerbaijan Republic Fuad Javadov was born in Gadabay district on February 10, 1957. After finishing the law faculty of Baku State University in 1979 he began to work in the institute of philosophy and law of Azerbaijan SA, he was the post graduate student of the Scientific Research Institute of the office of Public Prosecutor of the USSR in 1982-1985. He defended Ph.D. thesis in Moscow in 1985 and he returned to Baku, until 1996 he worked in different duties such as, junior research worker of in the institute of philosophy and law of Azerbaijan SA, teacher, general teacher in the Police Academy in Azerbaijan Republic, chief of the chair of criminal trial and criminal law, High adviser of the State Law department of the Executive Apparatus of the President of Azerbaijan Republic. He was the director of the legal expertise centre near the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic from 1996. He defended Doctors thesis in Kiev in 2000. He is the professor of the chair of criminal trial of Baku State University with pluralism from 2002. But under his leadership three persons have defended Ph.D. thesis, two persons is on to defend.
Professor Fuad Javadov is the member of the Central Election Commission, Higher Attestation Committee near the Prezident of Azerbaijan Republic, the election committee of the judges, working group of Azerbaijan - Europe.

Vasif Talıbov Yusif, the chairman of the highest meeting of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic was born in Ashaghi Araliq village of Sharur region on January 14, 1960. He graduated the history – philology faculty of Nakhchivan State Pedagogical Institute (now Nakhchivan of the State University) in 1981 and he graduated from the law faculty of Baku State University in 1998. He began his labour activity in People's Education Department of Sharur District in 1976, and then he worked in the duty of inspector on cadres in the stockinet factory of Nakhchivan, head of the special department. He always kept touch with unbreakable fringes to native land and people in the years worked and studied. National leader Haydar Aliyev established in the country of the democratic liberty for reaching higher purposes as building and becoming stronger of the independent statehood, protecting of the territorial integrity of the country in Azerbaijan, he has passed his school, and in the origin meaning he was his close companion-in-arms.
Vasif Talıbov worked in the duties of head assistant of the chairman of the highest meeting of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic from September of 1991 till1994, the first deputy on foreign economical connections of the Prime Minister of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic from 1994 till 1995. in He took part in the creation of the New Azerbaijan Party put by Heydar Aliyev, the National leader of the Azerbaijan people, and forming from the organizational side actively.  Vasif Talibov was elected as a chairman of the Conference of NAP held in 1995, he also is a stateman of the party. He closely carries out activity in the chief organ of NAP which is a leader political strength of Azerbaijan society. He was elected a deputy of Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic 1st, 2nd and 3rd call in 1995, 2000, 2005, deputy of Supreme Assembly of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, chairman of the Supreme Assembly in the sessions hold in 1995, 2000 and 2005. Vasif Talıbov coming from the obligation of this important duty decently carries out efficient activity accepting to the corresponding laws for carrying out of the measures being directed to improve welfare of the people. He protected the autonomy integrity of this territory assuming vital importance for first of all Republic and he has solved the problem becoming stronger skilfully. The building and renovation works in the autonomous republic is closely connected with the name of Vasif Talibov the chairman of the highest meeting of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, national Leader Haydar Aliyev, and the president of our Republic Ilham Aliyev continuing his political course.  
All activities of Vasif Talıbov are closely connected with the social and cultural processes in Azerbaijan and its unseparable part Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Owing to expedient work normal relations were created with neighbour foreign states as well as, Turkey Republic and Islamic Republic of Persian, he signed numerous treaties. These relations helped to develop free trade, economical connections, science, education and culture in the Nakhchivan. Agrarian reforms have mostly finished in the autonomous republic, great success have been earned in the area of cattle-breeding and plant-growing. Flow of foreign investment continues to Nakhchivan. Many establishments put into use in the autonomous republic within last years, new work places have been opened. As a result, the creation of strong economy will allow the region to turn into a harvest exporting region within the next years. Concrete works is done for solution of the social problems of the people in the autonomous republic, great care and attendance is shown to education, medicine, science and development of the culture, construction –renovation works and restoration.
More that 140 new educational buildings created or fundamentally repaired in the town and countries of the Nakhchivan autonomous republic in 1995-2007, new branches of Nakhchivan State University, Nakhchivan teachers institute, Nakhchivan private university, Nakhchivan presidium University and buildings for 6 scientific researches institute put into use. At the same time cultural and educational institutions in town and countries of the autonomous republic, sport complex, administrative buildings have been constructed.
Fundamental repairing works were done in the historical – architectural monuments of Nakhchivan such as Momune Khatun tomb, Karabakhlar tomb complex, Yusif Kuseyr son tomb, Khan House, Buz – Khana, Imamzadeh complex, Alinjachay Khanagah complex, "İsmayılkhan hamamı", etc. J.Naxchıvanski, H.Javid, M.S.Ordubadi, J.Mammadguluzadeh and Y. Mammadaliyev house – museums have been reconstructed. The name of Bəhruz Kangarli made eternal and house – museum have been organized. 150 annual jubilees of prominent pedagogue, enlightener and poet M.T.Sidgi held, his works were published and his memory have been made eterna. Monumental tomb raise to the memory of H.Javidi, his 125 annual jubilees have been held in 2007.
The international symposium of "Uluslararası qaynaqlarda Nakhchivan" (on July 10-13, 1996) held with Vasif Talıbov’s administration has played the important part in the investigating the objective picture from point of view national interest of the people of the history of Nakhchivan. International symposium have been held (on September 14-16, 2000) in the subject of "Natural resources of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and its efficient ways of use". Moreover, historical monuments in the territory of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic were passported and registered for the first time in 2007.                                     Vasif Talıbov has signed special order for the purpose of learning Gamigaya hystorical – ethnographic monuments complex which is the stone passport of belongingness of Azerbaijan people on April 26, 2001. Archeological – ethnographic expeditions are organized to Gamigaya after the order every year.
Vasif Talıbov was elected the member of Connection Council in the first Congress of World Azerbaijaninas (Bakı, November 9-10, 2001).

The director of execution apparatus affair with the Law security organs of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Fuad Alasgarov Murtuz was born in Baku in 1959, on May 14. Graduated secondary school number 20 with gold medal in Baku, entered Law faculty of Azerbaijan State University and graduated the same faculty with honors diploma in 1981. In 1981-1987 years Worked in the position of counselor in the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic, the counselor of the office of law-courts, chief-counselor of verifying control and execution. In 1987-1990 years People’s judge in Surakhani region, in 1990-1994 years was the member of Supreme Court of Azerbaijan Republic.                                                        At the moment he was appointed the director of the Law-security affairs of execution apparatus of the President of Azerbaijan Republic in 1994 and carrying out this post up to now.

The chairman of law policy of Milly Majlis and constant committee of problems of state construction Ali Mahammad Huseynov was born in 1968, on 8th of October in Baku. He graduated law faculty of Azerbaijan State University. He is a candidate of law sciences and knows English and Russian languages. He is the member of committee against the corruption beside of Law-Court council of Azerbaijan Republic and council of managing State Service of Azerbaijan Republic. He has worked assistant of the secretary of meeting, adviser, and chairman in the higher law-court of Azerbaijan Republic since 1991. He has worked in the post of specialist in the Executive Apparatus of the President of Azerbaijan Republic since 1995. He has been an assistant of chairman of Milly Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic during the years 1996-2000. He is the member of the New Azerbaijan Party. He has been the second call deputy of the Milly majlis of Azerbaijan republic. Also has been elected deputy from 49th Yevlakh-Mingachevir election district on November 6, 2005. He is a chairman of the constant commission of problems of building right politics of the Milly Majlis and State. He is a chief of working group over-parliamentary connections between Azerbaijan-Bulgaria, a member of the working group staff of over-parliamentary connections between Azerbaijan-Estonia, Azerbaijan-Algeria, Azerbaijan-Ukraine, Azerbaijan-Japan. He is a member of the delegation in the parliament assembly of European Council and parliamentary assembly of the CIS.


Chief of the apparatus of Milly Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic Sefa Abbas Mirzayev was born in 1952, on 12th of May in Baku city in the family of employee. He graduated the law faculty of Azerbaijan State University with honors diploma in 1974. He got named grant during the time he studied in the university, had repeatedly been awarded. He had been honored with Higher and Secondary Specialty diploma of the Ministry of Education and memory medal of former USSR in 1972. He had been awarded with1st degree diploma off All-Union soviet festival of the young in 1973.                                                                                                                                           He studied in the visual post graduate course in 1974-1977 years, worker in the chair of the theory of state and law and history of the law faculty. He defended a thesis in the law faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov in 1982. He is the candidate of law sciences, assistant professor. He was conqueror of the All-Union competition of the young scientists and specialists in 1982 and was rewarded with diploma of the USSR of the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialty Education of the USSR, the Ministry of Enlightenment of the USSR and Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR. He worked in the post of dean deputy of the law faculty in 1985-1990 years. He was elected the member of the committee of Constitution Supervision in April, 1990 by decision of higher soviet of former USSR. After disintegrating of USSR he had worked in the post of department chief in the secretariat of Higher Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic in January, 1992 and in the post of department chief in the secretariat of Higher Soviet of Azerbaijan Republic in January, 1993. He has been chief of the apparatus of Milly Majlis of Azerbaijan republic since November of 1993. He was the member of the commission preparing new constitution project of Azerbaijan Republic in 1994-1995 by chairmanship of Azerbaijan national leader Heydar Aliyev. He led working group preparing the law about the Constitutional Court Of Azerbaijan Republic, new Civil Code of Azerbaijan Republic, the law about administrative execution, and administrative proceeding code of Azerbaijan Republic. He is an author of a few monographs, methodic and scientific supplies, over 50 articles. Honorary state employee of Azerbaijan Republic, 1st degree state Adviser.




Head of State Border Service of Azerbaijan Republic - commander of State Boundary troops Elchin Isagh Quliyev was born in 1967, 22nd of September in Sumgait city. In 1974-1982 years he studied secondary education at 20 and 23 secondary schools, in 1982-1984 years at specialized boarding-school of Republic named after J. Nakhchivanski. In 1984 he entered Baku High School of Commanders of Forces and graduated in 1988 the same school.

He served in structure of the troops of northern group of the Armed Forces of the USSR in the Poland Republic in different officer posts in 1988-1992 years. He was military unit commander in the National Army of Azerbaijan Republic.

According to Decree dated on 27th of March, 2001 of the President of Azerbaijan Republic he was appointed the deputy of the Ministry of National Security, commander of the Boundary Troops, due to decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated on July 31, 2002, he was appointed to newly created State Border Service in the post of superior – commander of the Boundary Troops.

Decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic dated in 2001, August 15 he was honored with the military title of general-major and with the decree dated on 17th of March, 2003 general-lieutenant. He was honored with orders and medals of Azerbaijan Republic and other foreign countries.


A chairman of State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic Aydin Ali Aliyev was born in 1957. He graduated visual department of Law faculty of BSU with honors diploma. He worked in the justice and judicial organs of the republic in different posts in 1980-1992 years. Exception of short –terms he has been in the duty of customs organs of Azerbaijan Republic since 1992. He has been a chairman of State Customs Committee since 2006. His duty before this fixing had been the first deputy of the chairman of the State Customs Committee. He is customs official lieutenant-general. In 2000-2002 and 2005-2006 years he has been a deputy of chairman of member countries of Economical Cooperation Organization and Council of Customs Services, has been a chairman since 2006, July, to 2007, September.

Emergency and Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Republic in India Tamerlan Yelmar Qarayev graduated the Law faculty of Azerbaijan State University with honors diploma. In 1978-1991 years he had been a teacher of the chair of Criminal trial, chief-teacher, senior lecturer, deputy of faculty dean in ASU. In 1991-1992 years he worked in the post of the first deputy of the chairman in Milly Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic. He is a doctor of law sciences. He is an author of a number of monographs, lesson supplies, a plenty of scientific articles. He has started his diplomatic activities recently. He has been an emergency-Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Republic in China Republic. At the moment he is an emergency and Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Republic in India. He has a diplomatic title of an emergency and Ambassador Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan Republic.


He graduated the law faculty of Azerbaijan State University. He has worked in the procurator organs for a long time. He worked public prosecutor in Sumgait and the first deputy of procurator- general of Azerbaijan Republic. He has great trouble in the creating of law as a chairman of Committee of Law policy of Milly Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic.