However, actually the position of the majority won and acceptance of the decision was made officially connecting with Pedagogical faculty of the oriental studies. It was decided let name of the faculty and the time of connecting to be kept open. Corresponding commission was created for being engaged with solution of these problems. Result of the activities surrounding of this problem of the commission consisted of sending offers to the Education Commissariat. Board of the commissariat in its turn sent appropriate offers to the AC (b) P Central Committee. But AK (b) Central Committee presidium discussed the problem of “Forming of faculty of oriental studies and pedagogical faculty once again” on November 12, 1928. It was decided in the meeting to connect Faculty of oriental studies and Pedagogical Faculties and overturn the agriculture-law department of the faculty of oriental studies to the law faculty from 1929/30th school year. November 12th dated decision of the AK (b) P presidium leader of Central Committee was taken into account by board of Education Commissariat and the board made decision on November 19th that, “it is not necessary to hold faculty of oriental studies of the university as independent faculty, that’s why the main attention is to make pedagogical faculty much stronger”.

Board of the Education Commissariat made decision which clarified the fate of the law faculty. In connection with this problem decision of the board was the following “ not only law-court organs, but also the benefits of agriculture are to taken into account and law department is to held once again.
And it was fact that upper directive organs consider it to be necessary to create the independent law faculty in the base of the law department of the faculty of oriental studies. But idea of creating the independent law faculty in the university was not actually a new problem. As it was marked in the above, this problem was in the agenda of the commission of the university created in May, 1919 for founding the university and being unique, the law faculty was planned to organize in the composition consisted of four independent faculties at that time. Problem of forming of the independent law faculty has always been in the agenda of the university community, government bodies and has been discussed repeatedly. But the positive solution of this problem was postponed every time because of not having appropriate qualified cadres.


Cause of coming back to this problem repeatedly was the necessity to national lawyer cadres, professional and high qualified party, soviet, and state, office of Public Prosecutor law-justice and economy workers in the country.

The country Problem of forming the law faculty was not only discussed in 1919. This problem had been come back in 1922, too. Problem of creating law department next to the faculty of oriental studies had been discussed in the joint meeting of history-philology and faculty of oriental studies faculties of the university held on July 5, 1922. In the decision accepted in the same meeting it was said that instead of law department to open independent law faculty would be better. But that time it was impossible to true this offer recommended in the university community.

Idea of creating the law faculty has always been in the agenda, this problem has always kept its urgency. So project of creating law department in structure of the faculty of social sciences in 1923 was presented to discussions. But fate of this project was like fate of other analogous offers, it was not implemented.

It Idea of creating law faculty had undergone to failure in 1925. Organs of soviet and party on August 26, 1925 and on September 23, discussed the problem about organizing law department attached to one of the faculties of the university and informed about not considering it expedient. Upper directive organs were offering another ways of paying needs of lawyer cadres at that time. As the result of the meetings, government with its decision had charged Education Commissariat and justice commissariat to discuss the problem about opening short-term courses for preparing law-court workers in Baku and look through the possibility of this decision. Actually, it was meant as a negative answer of creating the independent law faculty. Let us inform once again that, the law department or delay of the law faculty every time was based with same argument – not having necessary high-qualified lawyer-pedagogue in the country. Giant net of the administrative law-court, justice system, office of Public Prosecutor, soviet, economy bodies arises, grows and makes development, becomes systematized, therefore necessity of preparing lawyer cadres was becoming serious. At last all these innovations of necessity for high-qualified lawyer cadres was turned into the basic problem of government and upper organs gave consent to create law department in the faculty of oriental studies of Azerbaijan State university in 1927/28 school year. Independent law faculty was organized in the base of the same department on December 17, 1928. By the way to note that the former rector of the university, a great organizer, remarkable writer and statesman (the first Azeri rector) Taghi Shahbazi played a great role in the forming of law department in the base of the faculty of oriental studies. Law faculty was created in the composition consisting of two departments, department of law-court and administrative-agriculture. The first chosen dean of law faculty was prominent specialist on theory of state and law, well-known lawyer, graduate of Red Professorate Institute, Professor A.O. Michel. During short period of time famous scientists of the basic scientific centers of the USSR and highly-educated Azeri lawyers began activities due to his high organizational work abilities. Process of forming and forming of law faculty was going in the very difficult condition. Because there were almost any national lawyer cadres who have scientific degree, pedagogues with academic law education in Azerbaijan. To ask Russian scientists for providing activities of the law faculty was inevitable. Government prefers to solve this problem in this way that it was the most real way at that time. Taking into account upper organs invited lawyer scientists from Moscow, Saratov and other universities and law faculty in Azerbaijan State University set up working with the help of invited professors to Baku, Professors N. N. Polyanski, and N. D. Durmanov and others. Justice Commissariat also closely helped to university in the work of forming faculty. Justice commissar B. Valibayov had very big services in arranging and forming, and getting opportunity to carry out normal activities of the faculty.

When law faculty began activities, four annual education years had been applied there. In the first course both departments of the faculty carried out activity on the basis of general teaching plan. Student were taught History of UK(b)P and Leninism; History of class struggle in the XIX-XX centuries; Bases of soviet constitution about right connected with Marxism instruction; History of law institutes (special and general right); Economical geography; Statistics; Political economy; Bases of the civil right; Russian; foreign language and physical training. There were a number of general subjects of the department next courses. Dialectician and historical materialism; history of class struggle in Azerbaijan; history of financial capital and economical relations; civil right; Criminal law; administrative and international law were taught in the second course. The following subjects were done in the third course: dialectical materialism; criminal law; movement of Labors Union; economical politics; trade right; State system of the USSR and union republics; Habit right of the Caucasian; finance right (budget, local and tax right); law-court execution; foreign languages. But in the fourth course only specialty subjects were taught: land right; criminal process and civil process. To note that, when the law faculty formed – the same named chair director, professor V.A.Udintsev, from subject of soviet legislative power, the same named chair director, from subject of theory of state and law, professor A.O.Michel, the same named chair director, from subject Civil right, professor V.N.Dyakov and the same named chair director, from subject of Criminal right, professor N.N.Polyanski taught these lessons there in 1958. Growing of number of students in the faculty, opening of new chair and specialties there turned the faculty one of the leading faculties in the university. After opening of law faculty as an independent faculty, it was so popular and earned scientific cost that there was necessity to open new departments there a little later. Necessity of broadening of the faculty displayed itself. Administrative personnel of Azerbaijan State University decided organizing law faculty once again and create economy department here in the wide meeting held on January 30, 1930. So, law faculty began school year in 1930/31 already in the composition which consisted of three departments, departments of law-court, administrative-agriculture and economy.